Become An Oasis Congregation

We’re recruiting Episcopal congregations across the Diocese of California to become Oasis congregations.  We offer two levels of serving as an Oasis Congregation:

 1. Oasis Covenant Congregations – complete an intentional process of reflection and education that culminates with action by the vestry voting to become part of Oasis. To become a covenant congregation, the vestry and rector must approve a public affirmation of commitment to LGBT people, participate in programs and actions that advance and fulfill the mission of Oasis/California, and typically provide financial support for Oasis/California’s ministry. 

2. Oasis LGBT– Friendly Congregations are other congregations in the Episcopal Diocese of California that have self-identified as LGBT-friendly.

To become an Oasis LGBT-friendly Congregation a parish’s rector or vicar must send us a written request  and their congregation will be added to our list of  inclusive, welcoming communities of faith. Contact us to learn more: communications at