The Christian Guilty Conscience Over the History of Anti-Semitism Isn’t Enough

”On the action tip, what are we prepared to do beyond the statements and the solidarity vigils now taking place? If ever there were a moment to rededicate ourselves to working for radical inclusion, this would be that moment. Those of us who have pulpits or other platforms should say clearly, Yes, we are internationalists—and here is what that means. No, we will not tolerate a politics that treats anyone as “lesser than” or less deserving of justice and dignity. And every single time we see marginalization and injustice happening we will speak up and show up.

What has been a long-running culture war is rapidly morphing into what looks to be, effectively, even without the gunfire, actual civil war—or at the very least the moral equivalent. That’s deeply sobering, of course, and it should make us deeply sad. But if that is indeed our situation, we have no choice but to commit everything we’ve got to prevailing.” More.