Choosing between the Scottish Episcopal Church, the ACNA, and marriage equality in Edinburgh

 reports: ”It was July 2006, and the United Kingdom’s Parliament had recently authorized Civil Partnerships in what would become a first step towards marriage equality. The bishops and synods had yet to agree on how the church would respond, but in a parish outside Edinburgh, a quiet but steadfastly joyful celebration was slipping under the radar, one of the first to bless a same-sex covenanted union within the Scottish Episcopal Church.

Twelve years later, the law of the land has progressed to include marriage equality, and the church has had more than several conversations about how to respond. Last year, the Scottish Episcopal Church voted to remove language from its canons that restricted marriage to a man and a woman. Individual clergy retain the right to decide for themselves whether or not to officiate at same-sex marriages.

Even so, at least one congregation in Edinburgh is planning to leave the SEC rather than continue in congress with those offering marriage equality.”