In case you missed the so-called ‘Austin Statement,’ The sky is NOT falling

The Rev. Susan Russell writes: “ICYMI: (SPOILER: The sky is NOT falling.)

”The General Convention has, through Resolution B012, made liturgies for same-sex marriage available for all congregations that wish to use them, as authorized by their rectors or priests-in-charge (§7). How this will be dealt with in each diocese may differ. B012 has also provided (at §8) a structure that, in the face of our profound differences in teaching over marriage, preserves the role of bishops as chief teachers, pastors, and liturgical officers by allowing us to call upon the ministry of other bishops of the Episcopal Church, in exercising supplemental episcopal pastoral care in those congregations of our dioceses that desire to use these liturgies and seek this form of oversight. This creates a helpful space of differentiation, set within the wider communion of baptism and faith that we continue to share, however imperfectly.”

This is in response to the “Austin Statement” issued  yesterday by the self-proclaimed ‘Communion Partners of the Episcopal Church.’ I say: if this is what they need to tell themselves, than so be it. Whilst they may hope “[t]he meaning of B012 for our church remains to be discovered,” the language of B012 is self-evident: marriage equality available to every parish in the Episcopal Church. No longer can a bishop deny this sacramental rite. Period.