Susan Russell: We’re Anglicans. We’ve Got This.

Susan Russell writes: “as we gather in Austin there is an effort afoot to push back on that profoundly Anglican, both/and proposal. Seductively entitled “Marriage Rites for the Whole Church” an alternative resolution (B012) is described as seeking to “find a lasting way forward for all Episcopalians in one Church.”

What it actually does is enshrine a separate and ergo inherently unequal status to the sacrament of marriage for same-sex couples. And it does that by privileging the theological consciences of some Episcopalians over the baptismal covenant of others. B012 is hardly a “compromise” when it proposes that dissenting bishops will agree to provide access for all couples (as they were charged to do in 2015 by A054) in return for consigning marriage for same-sex couples to perpetual second-class trial use.”